odgi inject

Inject BED interval ranges as paths in the graph.


odgi inject [-i, --input=FILE] [-b, --bed-targets=FILE] [OPTION]…


The odgi inject command converts BED records against graph paths into new paths labeled by the BED record name. Injection allows us to import genome annotations as paths, and is useful to produce input to odgi untangle.



-i, --input=FILE
Load the succinct variation graph in ODGI format from this FILE. The file name usually ends with .og. It also accepts GFAv1, but the on-the-fly conversion to the ODGI format requires additional time!
-o, --out=FILE
Write the graph with injected paths to .og.

Injection Options

-b, --bed-targets=FILE
BED file over path space of the graph. Records will be converted into new paths in the output graph.


-t, --threads=N
Number of threads to use for parallel operations.

Processing Information

-P, --progress
Print information about the operations and the progress to stderr.

Program Information

-h, --help
Print a help message for odgi inject.